Here is Hyper-Realistic Kimono created with Substance 3D Designer from few years back . This was selected to be part of Adobe Substance 3D Assets. In their version color is different but if you download it my name will show up in the metadata.

Hyper-realistic and accurate digital material collections can be game changing assets for several industries. One of the highlight of my career was to create synthetic leather for a large aircraft manufacturer who was looking to get their simulations look more accurate and realistic. Their requirements were absolute realism but also versatility for the asset, requiring parametric design.

If materials are done right it can make real difference to the overall feel and realism of the simulation, thus bringing direct value to the company. Substance 3D Assets are especially flexible in this regard as they allow any of the parameters to be exposed to the end user.

We do high-end procedural Substance Materials.

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