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CG Visualization Service in Yokohama

We are a CG Visualization Service in Yokohama.

We do full CG video and VR app production from custom 3D modeling and material creation to video editing and 360⁰ sound recording and mixing.

We utilize latest Unreal Engine 5 technology for unforeseen speed in production and iteration.

We provide service in Japanese, English and Finnish.

Virtual Production Backgrounds

We have long experience of making Virtual Production Backgrounds for large production companies such as Orbital Studios.

Our immersive backgrounds are indistinguishable from real.

Real-Time Infrastructure / Architecture

We create real-time infrastructure, architecture visualization using Unreal Engine 5 as our tool for unbelievably fast iteration.

Unreal Engine 5

We live and breathe in Unreal Engine 5, creating unique environments that feel alive. These are tested to work in virtual production LED volumes and even VR apps (PC tethered VR)

Traditional CG

We render also in traditional offline renderers such as V-Ray and Redshift, realizing our customer’s dream and vision with a path-traced accuracy to the last pixel.

Quality Renders from a 3D scan

Our talented engineers have decade worth of experience with 3D scanning as well as processing the scan data for photo-realistic renders. Our pipeline allows creation of clean and high quality renders from 3D scan data.

ultra-realistic digital humans

Custom MetaHumans

We build and use custom MetaHumans in our work and prototyping, with full body and face animation capture.


adjustible Photo-realistic materials

Substance Materials

We build Custom Substance 3D Materials for industrial visualization use.

We can create a perfect match of a real material sample with accurate color and scale.

All our custom substance materials are adjustable with tile pattern scale, color, roughness and metallic value adjustments.

  • CATIA Support

  • Accurate Reflectance Values

  • Real World Scale

Medical cg visualization

Medical CG

We build medical CG visualizations and applications for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Visualizing applications of medical devices and technology with 3D models has never been this cost effective and fast.

We focus on high quality and accuracy in our medical CG production.


We teach CG software Workflows

Our customers are:

  • Companies
  • Universities
  • Organizations

We teach:

  • Substance Designer
  • Unreal Engine 4, 5
  • ZBrush
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Houdini


Our service is fully confidential.

Our workstations and servers are protected by enterprise level firewalls and we practice extreme caution when handling sensitive information.

We are at the heart of Yokohama.

Contact us or come visit us.

Yokohama Blue Avenue 12F,
4-4-2 Minatomirai,

Nishi-Ku, Yokohama