We create real-time architecture visualization using Unreal Engine 5.

Immersive VR and AR for Architecture

We create fully immersive exterior and interior architecture scenes and apps to architecture and construction companies. Our scenes use cutting edge Unreal Engine 5 technology to enable the highest level photo-realism and immersion.

We also create immersive audio to our scenes that will allow the customer truly feel and experience the space. Our scenes are compatible with all VR technology as well as world class Varjo technology.

Interactive walk-throughs

We also build interactive walk-throughs of interior spaces. Instead of using 360 panoramas of the interior spaces we bring in interactive element to the online experience.

This can be either Web-GL Based experience or pre-rendered visuals showing different layouts for example.


Adjusting scenes in C-level meetings

Unreal Engine 5 has proven to be so fast and versatile tool that it is possible to bring the engine to C-level meetings. Having interactive experience with direct input of leadership of the client companies will allow unforeseen cost performance and time saving.

We at Sonagraf think that we no longer need to have hearing session and then do the adjustments in a separate situation. We would like to see the process evolve so that it is possible to offer our clients nearly instant feedback of the changes. Unreal Engine 5 is a powerful tool for that.

We want to support architecture and construction companies moving to real time technology and we also educate our clients to take full advantage of this paradigm shift in CG visualization.

This also offers exciting possibilities for real estate developers and urban planning.

Flexible Tools

We use Houdini and Substance in our work which both allow easy adjusting of the scenes and materials. If the client has architect or visualization expert in their team, we will be more than happy to show how to adjust the scenes after providing the scene.

Substance .sbsar assets (for materials) as well as Houdini HDA digital assets (for 3D models) allow adjustments being made in the last minute.

Below is example of adjustible Substance material. Adjusting it as easy as dragging sliders.