360 HDRI Photography Service


We do ultra high quality 360 HDRI Photography Service on site. Our trained photography crew are not only experienced in using high end DSLR gear but are also CG artists. We understand the technical needs of 32-bit high dynamic range photography for CG scenes.

HDRI photography requires special skill and attention to detail. We use high end DSLR cameras and a Manfrotto HDRI panorama head that is carefully calibrated to the highest accuracy possible for zero parallax error. Resulting HDRI images are ultra high resolution with crisp and clear detail.

Our custom HDRI can be used in VRED for example as the ultimate lighting solution.

Example of HDRI 360 panorama lighting a CG scene.
  • Ultra High Resolution up to 20K

  • True floating point 32 bit HDR

  • HDRI photography on location

  • Custom HDRI Skies with no distraction

360 HDRI Skies

It is often difficult or not impossible to capture usable skies in real world locations. Trees or buildings in the horizon easily obscure the view and make it difficult to integrate the sky to CG scenes.

That’s why we also create ultra photo realistic HDRI panoramas on demand. We can create any kind of weather, time of day or even real world estimation of a natural light based on GPS and date and time.

These HDRIS are 16K resolution, but even higher resolution is possible, up to 24K. The reflections rendered using these HDRI are crisp and pixel perfect, but also the lighting is realistic blending seamlessly with the rest of the scene.