Mr. Taro Yamada

Meet Taro Yamada. He is 30 years old construction company executive. He lives in Saitama with his Persian cat.

He is not a real human. He is a creation realized with Epic Games MetaHuman technology. He can be animated, lip synced and dressed to occasion.

Here is Taro-san with Control Rig and face control rig panel on the right. We can easily create different expressions and complete animations with this. And the most exciting part is that we can see the results in real time.

We have our own in-house rig setup but also utilize the free to use Unreal Live Link setup for easy facial animation capture and sync. And these characters can also be used to broadcast live content. The possibilities are nearly infinite.

Also as of end of 2022 with the latest release of MetaHuman Creator we will be able to share the DNA of the character with you for future adjustment.

Soaring over Uncanny

We think MetaHuman is groundbreaking, because it is manages to avoid the uncanny valley often present in CG humans. Here is award winning work by our CEO that utilized MetaHuman Technology. Setting up this character to wear custom clothes was relatively fast operation. It was easy to get from blockout phase to the finalized image.

The skin shader for example utilizes sub-surface based shader that behaves like real skin, showing warm glow when placed between a light source and a camera, just like real skin. And world class facial rig setup produces facial gestures that feel almost too real.

MetaHumans in Industry Applications

The impact of this technology to entertainment industry such as games and films is obvious, but we think that MetaHumans are perfect companion to industry CG creation.

MetaHuman can for example be rigged to drive a yet unfinished car design that only exist in virtual space. They can demonstrate interior architectural spaces. Or MetaHuman could be a doctor, nurse or a patient used with medical device CG models based on CAD drawings for example.

There are no privacy concerns with MetaHumans and there is no need to pay expensive fees to a model agency.

And best of all this is all real time so we don’t need to wait for renders to finish. We think this is simply fabulous.

We Create Custom Metahumans

We create full custom MetaHuman starting from the likeness to custom facial hair and hair setup in Unreal Engine that follows physics.

We also create perfectly fitting custom garments based on industry leading Marvelous Designer software. We will create a rig to the setup so the MetaHumans are ready for animation. The clothing rig can be skin or a physics based setup.

Recent example of our work was digital double we created for Orbital Virtual Studios virtual production demo Goliath.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about the design process.