Unreal Engine 5 Training for Visualization

We offer training for companies wanting to use Unreal Engine 5. Our training focuses on photorealistic visual rendering in Unreal Engine, for applications such as architecture visualzation, product rendering, in camera VFX (ICVFX), broadcasting and film. We have long experience teaching both individuals and companies with Adobe Substance tools, but also real-time CG using Unreal Engine.

Even though our training is focusing more on visuals and rendering than game logic, we have seen game companies benefiting from our training as well.

Our training is suitable for both new Unreal Engine users as well as more experienced users looking to improve their real-time rendering quality and scene performance (FPS).

We cover photorealistic lighting in Unreal Engine scenes, blueprints, Lumen and Nanite and creating photorealistic materials using Substance, and also best practises for scene performance that are recommended by Epic Games.

Photorealistic environment done in Unreal Engine 5

Training Length

Our training typically lasts around one week but we can expand the training with custom options or extend the duration to a longer span. In this way students can have more time to practice the techniques between training sessions.

Here is example for three days training plus one extra day for custom training topics, assuming some time between sessions.

First day

• Starting Unreal Engine
• UI basics
• Create a new project
• Create new levels
• Import custom mesh
• Importing textures
• Nanite mesh
• Applying Materials

Second day

• Revit + DataSmith Import
• Lighting
• Import objects, textures from Maya and Substance
• Creating a room
• Creating master material using textures
• Material Instances
• High Resolution Rendering

Third day

• Blueprints
• Lumen Global Illumination
• Advanced Lighting (HDRI)
• Sequencer Animation
• Movie Render Queue

Fourth day

  • Content Per Request
  • Unreal Engine Remote Control
  • MetaHuman
  • Cloth Shaders
  • Color Matching, etc.

Onsite Training

The most popular option is onsite training. We have several portable workstations (see below) that we can lend for training purposes. We also respect the often secret nature of projects by production companies and will sign necessary non-disclosure agreements. Please rest assured that we will never disclose any secret information that we maybe exposed to.

Online Training / Seminar

We also offer remote training either via remote meeting or in seminar format for larger audiences.

Training Facities

Our office is located in Minatomirai near Shin-Takashima station (Tokyu Line). We can facilitate up to 10 people at the time.

We have following workstations that we prepare for training. You can also bring your own.

RTX 4090
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core

RTX 3090
AMD Ryzen 7 16-Core

SG_Magellan (Portable)
RTX 4090 (mobile)
13th Gen Intel(R) Core i9

SG_Sirius (Portable)
RTX 2080 Super (mobile)
10th Gen Intel(R) Core i7

Training Group Size

Usually our group sizes are from five to ten members. Our training goal is to make sure every participant gets strong confidence in using Unreal Engine.

Reserve your Training

We provide quote and sample calculum upon request. We have limited availability so please contact us at earliest convenience.