CEO / Founder

Jaakko Saari


1979年 フィンランド生まれ
Senior CGアーチスト
Asiagraph 2021入選

Finland office

ニーベルグ 咲


I have had the pleasure of working with Jaakko on dozens of projects and have been consistently impressed by his talent and professionalism. His ability to create rich, detailed environments that are not only visually stunning but also realistic and believable is truly impressive (both in render and real-time software). He is able to take vague ideas and turn them into beautifully crafted 3D world.

In addition to being a talented CG environment artist, Jaakko is also a joy to work with. His positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the project is a success are just a few of the reasons why I would highly recommend him. Plus great team player! (Hard to find in today’s digital world)

Alan Company, BCN Visuals

Took a 4 week training course for learning UE5 and the work flow needed for it as well as some additional training on software for said workflows. He provided great value of training and knowledge that let me succeed in learning UE5 but has allowed me to get up and running in UE5 in a very timely manner. Not only that he has many years in the technical artist field giving him the ability to provide training and wisdom on what’s expected for clients and what to expect and anticipate from the industry as a whole. I would recommend him for the creative and highly professional work he produces as well as the quality training he can provide as well.

Jesse van Blokland, JVB.Design


  • Founded 12.13.2022.
  • Based in Yokohama, Japan
  • Multilingual service in Japanese, English, Finnish.
  • CEO: Jaakko Saari
  • Headquarters: Yokohama Blue Avenue 12F, 4-4-2 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama

Addressing Production Challenges

We improve architecture and construction

Our fast real-time production pipeline in Unreal Engine 5 allows unforeseen quality and iteration speed.

We improve CG education and research

Our award winning staff will share the production proven workflows with universities and research companies.

We change Medical Visualization

SonaGraf Co. Ltd. is committed to making positive change in medical visualization . We utilize latest real-time rendering and technologies.


We strive to exceed customer expectations at every turn.

We are forward thinking in our approach to CG creation, utilizing the latest technology such as Unreal Engine 5 with lumen and nanite support, Houdini and Substance Designer. We believe in achieving higher cost performance and faster iteration by full utilization these technologies.

We offer our customers a paramount customer service. The tools we use such as Adobe Substance 3D Designer will allow us to hand over fully adjustable materials. Should there be a need to adjust anything during rendering we will ensure that there is a programmed control for that.

We offer a support support period for our clients even after delivery of service to ensure their all needs are met.

We recognize every human being must have right for equal opportunities regardless of age, or gender identity.

We think work should be enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.


We have a scientific world view. We recognize the ever growing importance of preservation of our environment as well as the massive impact climate change is causing.

We strive to minimize the carbon footprint caused by our operation by utilizing solar powered render farms and servers, but also by minimizing unnecessary paper consumption, opting for digital signing of documents.