Happy New Year 2023 from SonaGraf! May this year be the best so far for you, my reader.

2022 was a year of a lot of activities for me as well as our team members. Some of the highlights for me was when I was a guest speaker in Ritsumeikan University showing new CG creators some Substance Designer and Unreal tricks. I was really moved about their passion as well as their works.

Another unforgettable experience was a digital double creation for Orbital Virtual Studios which was used in Don Bitters virtual production demo “Goliath”. The character was created with Unreal Engine MetaHuman and Marvelous Designer to match the actress clothes. The demo broke boundaries what was thought was possible in virtual production stage especially within a budget.

Then, our company SonaGraf Co., Ltd. was founded. I am so thankful for everyone who have worked so hard to realize this. Especially I want to mention my client relations officer Yasuno for her huge effort as well as friendly folks at Venture Support in Yokohama.

At our core we are a human focused CG production company. Japanese people often use words like “natsukashii”(kind of nostalgia) or “nukumori” (warmth). These are often used describing materials for example, like old wood surface of a grandfather’s desk. Or a memory of a childhood summer, red dragonfly in august breeze. Or abstract dream of a painter. We think computer graphics is a perfect tool to express these human emotions.

Ultimately our goal is human interest. We want to advance the intellectual process of creating art and design. So that our life and environment would feel a little more nicer. And most importantly we think this process is going to be a lot of fun.

Have a great year! And come and say hi to us if you are in Yokohama area!