It is humbling to be recognized by Epic Games. Screenshot of our ongoing project was released in Epic Games Japan launcher as “photo of the week”. And we have only recently started the development of our movie.  There is nothing that can be more inspiring than this to keep going and see the project to it’s completion.

We live in such amazing times. It is absolutely the best time to start to learn CG. Unreal is so unique and intuitive tool, like a paint brush. If you havent tried it yet, I recommend to try. You might be surprised.

So our movie “Kinmokusei” is a story about woman who has a cancer. She is just a normal person, someone who is living her normal life but faces unexpected circumstances. This is in fact a kind of documentary movie. And I feel train station is a place we can all relate to. Afterall, it connects us.

I will see you soon, with updates in our virtual film set.