By CEO Jaakko Saari

I recently came across this new concept AD-MED invented by Yokohama City University. Surprised to realize how exactly this matches vision I have for SonaGraf, I approached them immediately.

Reason why I started my company was to help to utilize the power of CG visualization for social good. This can be used for so many things more than entertainment. The need for digital transformation is huge in Japan, so I felt Japan is the best place to start my company.

What is AD-MED?

What AD-MED tries to do is to help prevention of life-style related diseases by introducing a new system of communication. This communication is used to help to realize behavioral change in peoples lives by fun and easy to understand advertising style messages. We are so used to advertising that most people would feel easy to engage with ads, even sympathize with them. We wouldn’t feel offended by them.

Example of medical visualization we have done before.

So it is easy to imagine applications of this concept, for example app that helps people quit smoking, or sleep app for example. Or for example Aikomi Care, a company that has developed app to help communication with patients suffering from alzheimer’s disease.

What can we do?

So! Actually, what is a CG company doing really? It is helping to communicate ideas and concepts that are often complex and that cannot be shot using a video camera.

We are communication enabler. Our applications can show neurons firing in brain and visualize anything from neurochemistry to lumbar spine movement when person sits on a bad chair.

From Yokohama to the World

Seeing so many fascinating new ideas developed by YCU, it is lucky indeed that we chose Yokohama as our base of operations.

With our newly acquired programming talent and capability for creating interactive AR/VR experiences, I think we are happy to be in forefront of CG support this fascinating invention called AD-MED.