We are proud and excited to announce that SonaGraf to collaborate with volumetric video with Canon Inc regarding volumetric video content production. SonaGraf will produce photorealistic Unreal Engine digital environments for Canon Volumetric Video Studio – Kawasaki.

Canon Volumetric Video Studio in Kawasaki is a unique and large space that allows accurate capture of up to 10 people simultaneously. With more than

100 specialized 4K cameras the studio is capable of capturing fast movements of objects and characters at 60fps. The result is both lifelike and stunning.

Their early project few years ago featured a performance of the Noh play “Lady Aoi” directed by Hoshokai. Canon also did unique collaboration with fashion brand JUN ASHIDA few years back, as well as online LIVE held at the cyberpunk metaverse space “ANOTHER” hosted by Avex Corporation in February this year.

Canon Volumetric Video studio – Kawasaki is cutting edge with over 100 specialized 4K cameras. It is possible to capture ten people here simultaneously.

What is volumetric video?

Volumetric video is a technique that captures three-dimensional space similarly that of a 3D scan, but with element of time like a movie.

This is ideal for capturing performances as this allows the unique performances to be experienced in 3D or VR, but also allows full 360 freedom for camera placement in post production. Like the stunning bullet time in Matrix film – the entire room is the camera; this must be seen and experienced to believe.

Especially for music live and sport events this offers unique possibilities for immersive experiences. There is just something special about watching volumetric capture of humans moving around for example, you get all this subtle nuance of the deformation of the bodies and cloth that we are so used not seeing in traditional CG characters.

How SonaGraf empowers volumetric video?

SonaGraf has a strong background in creating high quality photo-realistic realtime backgrounds that have been used in arts, entertainment and advertising. Our optimized backgrounds fit seamlessly into volumetric video studio pipeline just as well as they do for virtual production using media servers like Disguise.

This is not our first touch with volumetric video technology either. We have previously worked with Wild Capture in Los Angeles with their volumetric video projects. Recently we helped with digital fashion garments in their demo of their unique Unify Solver technology and several other projects.

SonaGraf to collaborate with volumetric video with Canon Inc

SonaGraf to collaborate with volumetric video with Canon Inc – One of the photo-realistic real-time environments of SonaGraf Co., Ltd using Unreal Engine.

We are extremely impressed of the unique work Canon is doing in volumetric video field in Japan. Young artists especially in Japan seem very interested in volumetric video – Seeing the raw and powerful talent of young creators is like watching a huge tidal wave of ideas.

SonaGraf also aims to be the gateway for foreign design, fashion and entertainment companies to enter Japan digital space. I think we are in unique position to connect and collaborate in volumetric studio production. Future is exciting indeed!